I've always wanted to write an About Me for my website that was as unique as I am!  But all the guidance out there suggests differently, lol, BUT I get it now!  So instead of giving up haha (ok I'm a bit of a challenger haha), let's compromise! My full length very wordy version of "About Korena", turned into a Blog Post!  Whoop whoop!!   hahaha, never settle, but adapt 'n flow a bit differently! Teehee

Whether it is for your LinkedIn Profile, Business Cards or even your Dating Profile - I can help you out!  Professional Headshot - Everyone needs one!Whether it is for your LinkedIn Profile, Business Cards or even your Dating Profile - I can help you out!

Howdy! I'm Korena Paradis.  I've lived in Stony Plain, Alberta, since I was a wee lass, venturing around Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Spruce Grove, but alas, settling down where it all began - in Stony Plain!  It's where I spend most of my time along with being a Mom of 3, Bonus Mama to many, with an athletic based heartbeat lol, (think of a Husky Puppy, always moving, going, doing with the kiddos, family & friends!).  With a hankering for Volunteering and helping others where ever I am able to!  From the Hockey team, Soccer team, to the School board, local Pet Charities, Hockey Game for Charity helping first responders and veterans and Women led/based Charities.  Helping is in my blood! 

I am the name, the face and the creative imagination behind Korena Paradis Photography (to read why I moved Careers, please click the full story).  This year, 2023, marks my 10th year in business with my Photography Company, I can't believe it's been that long already!!!  I've been on the slow n steady path haha!   Prior to this chapter, I was a Makeup Artist & Skincare, Anti-Aging, Beauty & Nail Tech for over 17 years.  

My background is in Skinology, Antiaging, Makeup and Customer Service.  I've always been a cosmetic junkie for as long as I can remember.  Helping people feel amazing (INside and OUT) no matter the stage of their life, is another of my loves!  Which means, I'm able to help you if you need an extra hand with some makeup tips or tricks for the camera, always helping you feel comfortable, amazing and cheering you on! 

One of our favorite places to be, anywhere near the mountains, always, no matter the season!  Let me know if you would like your Family Portait in the mountains or hoodoos too?  I have camera, will travel!Family PortaitOne of our favorite places to be, anywhere near the mountains, always, no matter the season! Let me know if you would like your Family Portait in the mountains or hoodoos too? I have camera, will travel!

This is our Fam Jam above, minus the fur babies of course!  I've been married for 25 years now to my soulmate.  He has worked out of town in and around the oilfields for 21 of those years.  Just last year though, he changed careers to be home every night.  It's a whole new world for us all now! Meaning, I fully understand when there is a last minute need for a booking, or the opposite; a postponement due to being called out of town.  And our three gorgeous kiddos!  All of which love sports, the outdoors and of course smiling for the camera (haha!)

To wrap up our fam jam below is our fur babies plus: 14 year old Bella (shown above on my desk chair (& below left), two sibling kittens 1 yr old: Chippy & Whiskers and an Axoltyl named Neptune.  Neat randomness:  I used to Breed Betta fishes, hahaha!  I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE pets! And I will ALWAYS be game for them to be present at our photo sessions, but please be warned, many love and adore me haha, just ask some of my past clients haha!

Having fun in life is what it is all about!  Loving the ride along the journey!  Remembering why we are doing what we are!  The experiences we have day to day is what makes life so meaningful and important.  And when I look back on photos, it helps me reconnect and strengthen on so many levels.  THIS IS WHAT I STRIVE TO DO FOR OTHERS!  Providing them with the experiences in life through my photo sessions, to reconnect and strengthen those family & love bonds that tie y'all together!  And give Mom's n Dad's moments they wouldn't normally see when they are behind the camera.

Warning, I ask a lot of questions!  Some may find me "a lot", and some love it because I am enthusiastic, joyful and always want the best for your session!  I want to help find the best location, clothing, style of hair, setting, theme, time of the year, weather, and so on!  I thrive matching people to our photo session locations and creations!  (Yes, the ADHD in me makes sense now fully lol!)   I always want to be sure that I am living in my intentions of serving others and to help people.


I believe that all parents of kiddos should be in photos, the kiddos need to know how much we love them always!

I love helping you out of your comfort zone in photos to then embrace & enjoy them!

I love when Dad's or Mom's aren't sure of being in photos, then we all get giggling, laughing & the true connections come out!  The Love Cup fills up!

I love emojis; hearts, the smiley face with the hearts, allllllllllllll the hearts!!!  Yuppers, heart of a child over here teehee!

I am 100% body positive! Every body is beautiful, unique, phenomenal, and we need to be more kind & gentle to ourselves!

I respect and support all persons!  Period. 

I celebrate and appreciate our LGBTQIA2S+ community.

I believe in having compassion for those that don't understand and to always give a helping hand.

I believe in building others up, sharing kindness, peace and love.

I love words and sharing, caring and loving!

I believe in taking the photos, cause time doesn't stay still, moments fade, but memories can live on in a photograph!

----> insert red heart emojis here please, teehee  ;) <----

To see more of my beliefs and what makes me Me, please click on the Full Length About Me!

Now that you know a little bit about me ... it's your turn to share!  BOOK NOW!

Love. Listen. Learn. Laugh. Cherish. Compassion. Courage. Strength. Love for ALL!
The road to the unknown.After a Beautiful backyard wedding, mother nature blessed me with this setting. Photo taken by Me, Korena Paradis Photography.

Even during the storm, a rainbow will find a way to shine through!  The open road lies ahead, what path do we choose? 

Adventure awaits! I have my camera in hand - where will your photo session take us?


                      Photo Credits: Korena Paradis Photography  ~   Thank you for being here :)