About Me

It's time to put a different spin on this page and give some insight why you want to work with me! 

Or not, haha.

This tab you clicked on, tells my story; about how you and I will connect, what we could connect over, what makes me tick, some passions I have, some strengths I have and some cases weaknesses. 

With the world being so grand and vast, the amount of people and diversities we are surrounded with, there is someone to work with everyone.  And there is an everyone to work with someone.  The question is: is that you and I?

Good Ole Selfie!At my desk editing photos and doing all things business, with my partner Bella.
Howdy! I'm Korena Paradis.  Since I was 4 years old, I've been in Stony Plain, AB, but my heart and hair are almost pure Southern - like, Deep in the Heart of Texas, that kind of Southener, where the Higher  Your Hair is, the closer to God Y'all are! 

Yes, Howdy & Y'all are key in my vocabulary, why? I'm not sure, they just feel right to me! haha!

I am the name, the face, the personality, the creative and the imagination behind my Photography Company.  I am a self taught Photographer, with courses, events and a ton of experience behind me.  Am I done learning; NEVER!  I aim to learn as much as I can; it keeps us young, in the know, and it pushes us to reach our next level in life whatever that may be.

I have a background in Skinology (not a real word, but you know what I mean lol), Antiaging, Makeup and Customer Service.  I've always been a cosmetic junkie for as long as I can remember.  Helping people feel amazing (inside and out) no matter the stage of their life is another of my loves!  I am a people pleaser at heart, but I am also learning where to have boundaries. I am that friend that you will love to hate, and hate to not have around.  I am the one that will let you know "You have spinach in your teeth, toilet paper on your shoe, or such".  The way my brain thinks, I can often relate to Aspergers, very black and white.  Very blunt and honest, to the point, very little wishy washy ness.  If I'm asking a minimal question, it relates to a larger cause, or I am seeking confirmation to the larger decision that will help you or us both!  This may be in part why I get along with kiddos and animals so well.  I have no ulterior motives behind my questions or decisions other than that to help make the situation greater or perhaps a surprise, teehee!  As well I can relate to that of ADHD.  Very often I have 85 tabs open in my brain, call in the squirrels and try to get the duckies in a row, and then we all end up at the same foresty pond with a beautiful park and have a blast!  Haha, I can very much relate to a Siberian Husky puppy.  They are cute and cuddly, love to love, but love to work and get things done!  And when they get bored they dig holes, jump fences and run run run!  Meaning I have more than a few interests and hobbies and creative outlets than I can count or that time allows me to complete!!  hahaha!

I've been married for almost three decades to my soulmate.  He's worked out of town in and around the oilfields for a HUGE chunk of those years.  I understand the need for short term appointments 'cuz "omg he's on his way home, can we get an appointment?", rescheduling everyday life because "Dad is home!! Yahoo!" and the flexibility to get a mountain of stuff accomplished in a short amount of time, "just because Dad's only home for 4 days". 

Then a few times when he was home over the last 19 years ... we shared our love to produce 3 phenomenal kiddos that are the joy in of our eyes!  One is moved out, enjoying life to the fullest with her own independence, and has a hankering for the creative world too (Car Photographer & love of Automotives)! The other Two, one in late junior high and the youngest in elementary school.  Both are into sports (You betcha, Cheers all you Snowboarding, Hockey & Soccer Momma's!) okay, any sports our family plays it plus their other loves involve the music world; piano and ukulele.  To wrap up our fam jam is our fur baby collection haha: 12 year old Bella (shown above), our newest adventures: two sibling kittens 8 weeks old (Chippy & Whiskers), 2 gerbils (Digger & Otis), and an axoltyl named Neptune.  Neat trivia fact:  I used to Breed Betta fishes yup - squirrel, duck pond ... hahaha!  

Fam Jam in the Mountains!One of our favorite places to be, anywhere near the mountains, always, no matter the season! Photo taken by Me.

I question everything in life.  I want to know why.  That's all.  Just, Why?  I want to learn, I want to expand my knowledge!! Does that sound familiar ... Like a two year old just learning sentences:  Why? Why? Why? Why?  hahah Yes, that is me.  Sure, I'm not crazy in one repeated phrase always, but I definitely ask a TON of questions!  Some may find me annoying, and some love it because I am the researcher. and I want to know why.  I want to help find the best location, clothing, style of hair, setting, theme, time of the year, weather, and so on ... cause I want to!  I thrive trying to match people to our photo session locations and creations!

Modelling for Niki Stark PhotographyOne of my favorite shoots ever, with a Reclamation Dress

This pose above here: makes me feel like a majestic model, in the gorgeous sunset on a stunning summer evening.  The temperature was just right, the dress felt phenomenal, my hair and makeup were rocking my confidence, and my soul, was in complete peace.  The laughs Niki and I had, making me try tons of poses and dress tosses and arching of my back, just more giggles.  Having fun in life is what it is all about!  Loving the ride along the journey!  Remembering why we are doing what we are!  All from a simple little image taken in one blink of an eye, can help us reconnect and strengthen on so many levels.


I believe that all parents of kiddos should be in photos, the kiddos need to know how much we love them always, they are visual beings!

I believe we have photos so we can look back and remember the emotions, the fragrances and all the moments in time that has moved on.

I love when I help those that don't want to take the photo - we take it, to try just one - then they love it and have a whole new perspective!

I love when Dad's or Mom's are a tad grumpy, then we all get giggling and laughing, then the true connections come out!  The Love Cup fills up!

I love wide & far, and I have strong passions. 

I love emojis; hearts, the smiley face with the hearts, allllllllllllll the hearts!!! 

I love all plants and all things Momma Nature makes!  She is magical in her creations right down to our daily blessings of sunrises and sets, two of my favorite times of every day.  Being grateful to wake daily and view them both is a precious gift.

I love exclamation marks, cause I like enthusiasm!!!! haha

I am quick to say I'm sorry, yup, a true Canadian.  But also because I don't like seeing people hurting.

I love hugs, love giving hugs, love saying goodbye with hugs.  Covid - I can't even begin to tell you what has happened to me since then!

I love love, and I love to be able to help others reconnect that love, be it past or on the horizon, or help you showcase it in ways you didn't know you knew what to do. 

I wear my heart on my sleeve, I get crushed often.  But I always get back up again.

I cry when I'm happy.  I cry when I'm sad.  I cry when I'm mad.  I think I may be an empath hahaha!

I have a ton of allergies, BUT I'm a die hard foodie - I love food hahaha, nothing else to say there!

I love water, electrolytes, amino acids and all things healthy!  I often will nag people "to drink more water!" 

I love tea, coffee, beverages made of spirits in moderation, with friends or loved ones, even better!

I love to dance, but I have no rhythm, so my kids tell me.  hahaha Does that stop me you ask?  NOPE!!! Then we laugh some more!

I can laugh at myself, I can admit when I'm wrong, I almost don't get embarrassed anymore.  I am a goofball! You betcha!

I love music, podcasts, Netflix - oh my!! Don't even get me started on the amount of shows that have played in the background while I've edited!

I'm reaching that age in life that my give a bleeps are almost gone.  Life is too short for the poopoo drama.

I have strong opinions, but I also believe everyone has their own thoughts, and what's good for me, may not be for you.

I believe in prayer, to whomever you feel comfortable with praying to.

I believe in asking when you are unsure.  Having compassion for those that don't understand and always give a helping hand.

I believe that what you do unto others they should return the favor.  Always try to do your best and help out!

I believe we create our world, the choices you make reflect the life you want to live - be happy, live happy!

I believe in building others up, sharing kindness, peace and love.

I believe in believing!  I believe in faith, second chances and reunions!

I believe in trusting your struggle!  You were meant to be on the path you're on! 

I love words and sharing, caring and loving!

I believe in taking the photos, cause time doesn't stay still, moments fade, but memories can live on in a photograph!

I believe in adventures and living without regret!  


----> insert red heart emojis here please <----




Learn. Love for You. Listen. Laugh. Cherish. Compassion. Courage. Strength. Love for Them!


Dance like no one is watching!One of my favorite shoots ever, with a Reclamation Dress shot by the wonderful Niki Stark Photography          Dance like no one is watching!One of my favorite shoots ever, with a Reclamation Dress shot by the wonderful Niki Stark Photography!

 Now that you know a little bit about me ... let's get to know You and Yours!  Thank you!

The road to the unknown (by Tomahawk)After a Beautiful backyard wedding, mother nature blessed me with this setting. Photo taken by Me.

Even in the storm, the rainbow finds a way to shine through!  The open road, what path to choose?  Adventure awaits! 




                      Please note:  The Beautiful Ivory Reclamation Dress Images was myself modelling for the Wonderful Niki Stark Photography!  The rest of the photos were taken by Me:  Selfie at the top - iphone.  The rest, my baby, my 4th child, my camera, yes, another one of my loves! 

Thank you for being here :)