Howdy, I'm Korena!  The fluffy, curly haired neuro spicy behind the camera!  I'm not from the South, but my hair may argue with you lol!  As Dolly Parton would say, "The higher the hair, the closer to God." 
Anyways, mine as well start off on the right foot!  Being part of the neurodivergent crowd, puts me as a multi tasking super power person!  Sometimes known as a squirrel, or having ducks chasing my squirrels or a kitty meowing while watching the scene around the pond!  Haha

What does any of that have to do with Photography, nothing.  But it is some insight into Me!  And, its fun! Ha ha.  I type as I speak.  And when I think of what to put on this page, I feel all the things.  Some say; only put what you will do for your client.  Some say; speak of yourself as they are shopping around to see if they will connect with you.  And some say; make it super short n sweet!  

Well, let's do a bit of all of them!  

Firstly; some may recognize me or my hair - haha, I often hear: I KNOW I've seen that hair before! haha  Yes you have;  some places such as The Barkstreet Market Pet Photos with Santa (2023 marks our 8th year collaborating together for local Pet Charities), The Battle for the Badges Hockey Game is a fundraiser for Legacy Place Society, an Alberta-based organization that provides support for first responders and military personnel seeking mental health help, as well as many other local charities and fundraisers, such as the most current one in Support of Memorial Grad Class of 2023 Mini Sessions Saturday April 22, Sunday April 23, Saturday May 6, or Sunday May 7.  

About You and why should you choose me?  With my multifaceted background and tons of experience, attention to detail, I am able to help you with Your Photo Session, from the location scouting / background to the vibe and wardrobe suggestions!  Of course though, we need to have a touch of fun - but most of all - I want to ensure You feel Your Best Self! 

About Me and what should you expect?  

I'm a bit of a goofball, with a dash of serious.  All Pets and Kiddos alike connect with me, and I am one with Momma Nature, with exception to my allergy list hahaha!  I love to chat, but also able to be zen in the quiet.  I love to move and leap off of objects, so going with the flow of the pets and kids, or going a bit off the wall for the shot I envision - will take place!

Keeping this short - simple, sure!  Okay, maybe not, but you can come back & read later! Winky face emoji!

Some other options that I offer:  an APP for any and all Photo Gallery Links you receive from me over time!  Yes - one place for them all on your device.  Also, just the link to your desktop too, just the same! 

I also offer some products and prints in a variety of sizes, shapes and combos!  Please enquire specifically, as there are unlimited varieties to combine from my Professional Print Labs, the Images that you will be handing down to the Grandkids and more, otherwise known as Legacy Prints.

Now; let's talk Business; through Professional Headshots of yourself, staff, as well as any products or services you may offer.  I have a variety of backgrounds to suit many ideas and themes, corporate, or on location as well.  The headshot images can be a standard style welcomed across all networks, to the non traditional ones that are more lifestyle based that incorporate some of your personality and interests in them.  You will find those ones more compatible with your social networks, blogs, talks and the many avenues that you may find use for them such as dating sites and more!

In conclusion; I have a passion for taking photos of the moments that create connection in others as well as themselves, that spark joy and of the moments we want to see on our walls and share with others. 

Thank you for stopping in to check out my K Talk, lol, I can't wait to hear from you soon!

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