I am Korena, Owner and the face you'll see behind the camera as we embark on capturing your memories through time and for the specific niche you need.

From Professional Portrait Images to the transitions through life I can help you out!  
Personal Branding Photos, Self Promotion/Entrepreneur, Model, Portrait, Self Discovery, Engagement, Intimate Micro Weddings, Maternity, Newborn, Family, Graduation, Seniors, Empty Nest, Rainbow Bridge, Lifestyle Documentary, In Home, Outdoor, Studio, Posed, Lifestyle.

How can I help you if you have a business;

I would love to help you showcase the in's & out's of You & Yours and why your clients to be should choose You! Let’s make it happen:  inside the photo studio, in your place of business, out & about at a location we choose to suit your business vibes!

How can I help you if you have a family, or if y'all are becoming a family;

Whether the photo session takes place in your home, backyard or off to a fantastic location, we will find the best fit for your memories in time! And don't forget, if you have any pets that you want to include in your photos - please let me know! I believe they should be with us in our images that hang on our walls!  

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