Edmonton & Area Travelling Red Dress Creative Project

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Travelling Red Dress Creative Project @Korena Paradis Photography

Travelling Red Dress Creative Project @Korena Paradis Photography

We often hear of those in the Art Industry as "Creatives".

What we don't often hear publicized is how tricky and challenging it is to be a "Creative".

We are beings that give of ourselves to others.  Period.  Often we give more than we have available.  That's the thing though.  We just keep giving.  Not for any reason, other than, it's in our genes.  We see a need, we fill that need.  Yes, this quite often leads to burn out or exhaustion quickly.  "Burning the candle at both ends so to speak".  This is why so many of us shelter ourselves and often feel isolated, yet the desire for outside connections.  A very tricky and delicate balance.


Enter in: another avenue of photography.  Creative Projects.   Being able to create photo shoots and themes based on what I want to see happen, or what I feel is needed within my soul at the time.  Is a phenomenal, yet overwhelming, yet spectacular feeling and adventure ever!  Revamping, Relaunching, Renewing one's inner fire and passion!

This was my first ever creative shoot!  Overwhelming is an understatement! What to do? Who to get? What theme? Why? Where? and the list goes on...

Since I am also a person whom loves to strive for that dreaded word "perfect".  It's a word that we all know, grew up with, haunts us, yet we continue to use it daily.  As long as you relax on it's meaning, it's a perfect word.  Teehee.  But really, if you are able to go with the flow and be okay with the results - you'll be great!  Also realizing the amount of effort you expel ... will give you your results.  

Anyways ... squirrel! Haha onto the Edmonton & Area Travelling Red Dress Creative Project!  The theme of these sessions were individual.   The models, not models by the trade/beauty industry standards.  They were real life beautiful ladies in my life, that model balance and power, and strength, and that have made an impact on this chapter of my life.  I wanted to be able to showcase them, and help them step into a bit of a different scene than that they normally would've on their own.  Was everything picturesque and perfect, in my world it sure was!  Do you know Murphy?  Like "Murphy's Law", well, that was all of this and more!  

We had time crunches (like 10 mins to complete the WHOLE SHOOT!), we had -40 C snowing temperatures, we had blizzards, we had cold hands/feet/blue lips, we had kids, children, toddlers, babysitters, "MOM, help me", "Mom, I want to be in the photos", "MOMMMMMMMM", then there was my phone calls of emergencies too! hahaha, BUT WE GOT THE SHOT!

What does The Travelling Red Dress mean to Me?

A Challenge Accepted - Here hold my proverbial beer!

1.  I have always hated the color red. 

Why?  No idea, could be "Aunt Flow", as we all know how much we dislike that one time of the month ... not sure.  This pushed me out of that comfort zone firstly.  Why?  Being the color alone - I had 5 different ladies wear it.  The color looked amazing on all of them!  That in itself was an eye opener. 

Travelling Red Dress Creative Project @Korena Paradis Photography

2.  How did the dress make everyone feel? 

To each person, the dress represented something different: 

* It was nice & flowy with a romantic boho vibe!

* It was a weird shape versus our own body style.

* What the F is this? This won't fit me? This is weird fabric!

* It made me feel pretty, and sensual.

* It flattered me in a way I haven't felt in a long time.

* It hugged my curves ever so!

* Showed more skin than I want to show, Ack!

Travelling Red Dress Creative Project @Korena Paradis Photography

3.  Would you do this again?  In a heart beat!  I loved the force out of my zone, it was an awesome shake up creatively!  To take one style of dress, and not only put it on a bunch of different styles of women, but to also take it and wear the dress in a bunch of different styles and locations too!  Is fantastic!

Travelling Red Dress Creative Project @Korena Paradis Photography

4.  What is the end result from all of the ladies?

* HOLY CRAP - THAT'S ME?? (gawking at herself)

* Awe that's so cool!

* I guess the fabric isn't that weird - my goodness look at My Photos!! <3

* They turned out incredible!

* I feel amazing because of them!

* Thank you for finding a way to make me feel so comfortable!

* I just love them! Thank you! 


Thank you to all of the amazing ladies in my life that helped me out of my comfort zone through this Travelling Red Dress Creative Project @Korena Paradis Photography! (Healthy Inspirations Photography at that time though) 


Together we created some fantastic images, moments and memories! It turned out more Perfect than I could've imagined!! 


Would you be interested in partaking in one of My Creative Projects?  I do one per month and I am always looking for models, or anyone that would like to get in front of the camera as models do.  Do you need experience? NOPE!  You just need to have a slightly open mind, for some great creative fun (all of my visions are G rated, any that are over that limit would be specifically mentioned and casted for such with detail.) 

Please contact me directly at:   https://www.korenaparadisphotography.ca/contact.html


Korena Paradis Photography
Thank you so much Jen!
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