Frequently Asked Questions; Answered!

I am a researcher by heart and if I cannot find the information myself first, or at least a starting point, I tend to move on.  For those of you like me, Cheers!  For those of you that are just curious or too shy to ask, Cheers!  And for those that just go with the flow, Cheers!

Q1.  What kind of a Photographer are you?

  • I love love. 
  • I love capturing your Authentic Self and I am a master at doing so!
  • I love posed Portraits, helping you put your best foot forward.
  • I love lifestyle, being over your shoulder capturing the connections between you and your loved ones, much like a shadow.
  • I love helping you feel amazing in our Sessions, think of me as your Cheerleader Photographer for ALL of my Genres of Photography!

Q2.  What types of Photography do you shoot, who do you take photos of?

  • I shoot a variety of genres, some piggy back off each other & if you pair 3 or more together: Bonuses!
  • I love creating Professional Headshots for your Business, Social Media Profiles, even Dating Sites.
  • I love any style of shoot with your loved ones that helps you connect with them: Family, Extended Families, Engagement, Micro Weddings
  • I love celebrating the milestones of School: whether it be semi or annual school portraits, Pre-K or Grade 12 (I have cap & gowns in my client closet for you) we can do them in studio with some props as well as outdoors!
  • I love Fur Babies!  Our Pets are our emotional support beings, and I feel should be included in any and ALL of the above photo-sessions!
  • I am people inclusive: if you are a person and you have a moment that needs capturing that I offer, I am happy to work with y'all!
  • I will exclude only those that are rude, hateful, disrespectful etc.  I have no tolerance for such behavior.

Q3.  Where do we take our photos at?

  • Being a creative person, I can literally take photos anywhere.  Even in the 7-11 parking lot and make them seem as it is in a whole other world.  Having said that, I will ask you a variety of questions to help guide my creative side to where I feel your photos would be best suited for your  session.  OR haha if you have an idea in mind specifically, I will help make that work!  Example, Lake, Bridges, Streams, Canola, Wildflowers etc.
  • On Location - anywhere, any place within the County of Parkland is included in my session rates.  Travel fees will occur for places further than 60 kms (one way) from Stony Plain (due to our wonderful gas prices, sorry about that).
  • Outside - I am huge fan of Mother Nature, her glorious seasons, her gorgeous skies and all that she has to offer.  When you fill out the questionnaire it will help guide my vision to some key spots I love to shoot in and that I have permissions for.
  • Indoors - sometimes the weather dampens our sessions, from the very cold to the very wet (when it's not part of the theme lol), I have some photo studios that we can rent, as well my Home Studio with a bunch of different backdrops.

Q4.  How much are your Sessions, what do they include, how can I pay?

  • For specific pricing, please see my pricing tab here on my website.
  • Sessions may vary slightly, details will be listed.
  • Payment plans available for Session fees and Products
  • Any and all Products including Digital Files will NOT be released until payment is made in full.
  • Payment options available are: EMT/EFT, Cash, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and PayPal.  Cheque option for Businesses only.
  • Each Session includes: 
    • Phone, Zoom or Email Consultation
    • Communications about the processes and I'm here to help you through all of the steps!
    • Planning and prepping your Session
    • Wardrobe Guides - through email or my Pinterest Page
    • Posing Help at the Session itself
    • Digital Images delivered in a Personal Gallery Link 
    • Option to purchase additional Digital Images
    • Option to purchase Products from My Professional Print Lab
    • My witty personality, smiles and charm teehee!

Q5.  How much time do the sessions take?  I have a child/pet that won't sit still for long / a partner whom hates or never had their photo taken, or ...

  • Timing of My Sessions vary between 5 - 90 mins, below are more in depth of each genre:
  • Mini Sessions are between 5 - 20 mins in length - depending on Mini Event
  • Headshot Sessions are between 5 mins - 90 mins - depending on Package Chosen
  • Lifestyle Sessions (in home / on location) are between 30 mins - 2 hrs depending on Package Chosen & amount of location changes
  • Portrait Sessions (studio / in home / on location) are between 15 mins - 2 hrs depending on Package Chosen
  • Micro Weddings are available from 1 hour with a maximum of 5 hours 
  • Please note:  when you see 5 mins above, lol - please reserve judgement, it is the time we spend actually taking the photos - not the time at the cars chatting or communicating prior about what to expect.  It may seem impossible, but I've been doing this for over 10 years now, I have my poses, systems & routines in place to help us be as efficient as possible.  Being ADHD, a busy Mom of 3, around animals & kids a ton and some persons that used to HATE photos, I've learned techniques, tips n tricks to ensure all of that happens as fast as we can or as fast as needed, HOWEVER, that is not always the case, nor needed and I am more than happy to accommodate any speed of session for any abilities, specialties, super powers or any other needs necessary. (please insert heart emoji here <3)

Q6.  What is your policy on lateness, postponing or cancelling and how far in advance or how soon can we book with you?

  • A 25% non-refundable retainer is due upon booking to reserve your time & date
  • I have a 15 mins window of lateness, however, that window cuts into our rented studio time - with exception of mini sessions, it is an automatic forfeit of your time, but I may be able to accommodate a further time in that day with some swapping around (please see next bullet),
  • All that I ask is you communicate with me the why & when to expect you;  I fully understand life & the uncontrollable, like timing of trains and accidents, unwilling children lol, etc.
  • If you have to postpone - please do so within 48 hrs or greater from your shoot day
  • If you have to cancel and rebook - please do so within 48 hrs or greater from your shoot day
  • If your partner is an out of townie with an unpredictable schedule (lived that for 20+ years), I fully understand, I will ask some questions to gauge a perimeter of time, and we will play it by ear.  Flexibility is my middle name (not really lol, but you get it)
  • We can book as far as one or two years in advance, for Weddings to ensure you get your dream date!
  • How soon can you book, sometimes I can book with 24 hours notice or less, I will check my calendar and get back to you asap!
  • Standard booking practices are within 2 weeks to a month in advance
  • Please note:  some circumstances are emergency (family member ill, or moving out of town etc), or last minute due to ideas being sparked or surprise family arrival and gathering made possible!  My thoughts are life is too short, take the photos and make that magic happen!  I will absolutely do my best to try to help y'all out!  Just, please be in touch!

Q7.  How long does it take to get our photos back?

  • Weddings:  within 3-6 weeks.
  • Mini Sessions: within days of the shoot 
  • All other Sessions:  within days - 1 week of the shoot itself.

If you have any other questions, please forward them to contact Korena, I'm happy to answer them!  I'm here to help you find the best Photographer for your Photo needs!

If I'm not able to help you, I'm able to forward you onto some fantastic Photographers in the industry!

Thank you for stopping by! 


Korena Paradis Photography