Thank you so very much!  Clients, Models and Magazines for all of these amazing opportunities! 

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COLOR SHOTS Issue #101: Headshots | April 2021

Page 23, Bottom Right Corner - Model: Korena @korenaparadisphotography, Stony Plain, AB


The Photograp[her] Magazine: Models | May 2021

Page 27, Whole Page - Model: Sherol Leslie @rolliesreports, The Photographers Studio, Edmonton, AB


The Photograp[her] Magazine: Pets | May 2021

Page 24-25, Two Page Spread - Models: Excalibur Siberian Puppies @ExcaliburSiberians, Central Alberta


The Photograp[her] Magazine: Headshots | May 2021

Page 36, Top Left - Model: Tina @Kangooclubsprucegrove 


The Rogue Photographer Magazine: Couples | May 2021

Page 18, Bottom Left Corner - Models @brandi_braun & @colinpaziuk, Nordegg, AB


NUDE CREW MAGAZINE: Maternity | May 2021 (2 Images)

Page 6-7, Two Page Spread - Model: Kasha, Fort Sask, AB 

Page 28, Whole Page - Model: Kasha, Fort Sask, AB

Wild Wander Mag: WW Mag Issue 19 Dance | June 2021 (2 images)

Page 12, Whole Page - Model: Shalynn, Downtown Stony Plain, AB

Page 21, Top Right Corner - Model: Milana @milana.modelyeg, Foundry Room Edmonton, AB

Wild Wander Mag: WW Mag Issue 20 Fashion | June 2021

Page 16, Whole Page - Model & Hair: Sherol Leslie @rolliesreports  MUA: @push_pa, The Photographer's Studio, Edmonton, AB

The Photograp[her] Magazine: World Photography Day | Vol. 2 | August 2021

Page 49, Full Page - Models: (top)Korena @korenaparadisphotography, (Ballerina Bottom Left) @rebeccamoenmodel    @rebecca.moen.908,  (Horse Trainer Top Right) Dayna @dgaatab, (Bottom Right) Tina @Kangooclubsprucegrove 


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